A Few Words About Us

Our team of health professionals provides 24/7 care and support to patients from infants to elderly. We are committed to provide quality and affordable healthcare services.

Entrust us your loved ones and you'll never have to worry again leaving them at home alone.
We provide exactly the care program and level of care needed to promote best possible recovery and well being.
Having recognized that care at home allows people to maintain their independence and remain in charge of their lives in familiar surroundings, we were founded to fill this gap. We provide tailored services which best meet the needs of our patients, including visits to administer injections, care for wounds and pain management. Our services are also available in a variety of shift patterns. So whether you need us only once a week, a couple of hours a day or 24/7, we will be there for you whenever you need us. We aim to maintain the status of the Qatar's leading home nursing providers.

Home care

Our highly-skilled health professionals deliver standard home compassionate care you need in a peaceful, friendly manner. We work in hourly basis according to the need.Our Relationship operational managers assure you quality and dedicated services.

Schools & Companies

Our skilled and licensed health professionals work in schools & Companies for monthly and yearly contracts.




Our skilled and licensed health professionals work in industries and labour camps for monthly and yearly contracts.



Key benefits in our service

Personalized care

REHAB healthcare offers a customized treatment plan for the unique needs of every patient with regular, one-to-one expert contact and support.

Cost Effective

REHAB healthcare expenses are considerably less than hospital charges combined with other indirect costs incurred during hospitalization.

Total Rehabilitation

Due to increased compliance and meticulous adherence to the treatment plan, complete recovery is assured with reduced chance of re-admission.


Hospital travel, visitors and general errands cause a lot of inconvenience to patients and their family which can be significantly minimized with home healthcare. This is also convenient for elders who have their close families staying far away from home.

How we care

Following your enquiry

we will arrange for a home/business premises visit to do an initial evaluation. This is carried out together with the patient, family members, clients and nurses. A care plan will be established and the care will be supervised by an experienced nurse or therapist. On-going education and information to family members is part of the program. Our expert staff licensed registered nurses, therapists and operation manager work together with your attending physician as a team to coordinate each individual's care. .

Our Mission

"To be the One Stop Solution and trusted Choice of Health Services in the State of Qatar for the people seeking health services and wellness delivered through the science of healing and the art of care at their comfort zone''